Board/Committee Member Resources



If the link to the information you are seeking isn’t readily apparent by hyperlinked text, then click on the image and you will be directed to where you need to be!

For Presidents

Transitioning to new board checklist in Ike·Wiki under Job Descriptions

Job descriptions for all Board positions in Ike·Wiki >Job Descriptions.

Several documents with ideas on how to encourage members to volunteer are on this page.

Just like us, chapters need to keep their passwords updated and organized.  Click here for a chart to get you started

An I.I. NCAR Advocate dedicated to your chapter

Regular Meetings with your I.I. NCAR Advocate to discuss and share common ideas and interests

Access to a free Zoom account for meetings and programs. Contact your Advocate for information.

Everything you need to know about chapter by-laws and standing rules is in Ike·Wiki >Chapter Governance

Great tips for all things technical on this page from using Canva, to email, data storage and some of our presentations. Click here and explore. 

Click here for a cheat sheet to running a successful meeting. Other info about Robert’s Rules can be found on Ike·Wiki> Robert’s Rules Resources.

Most every month there is a meeting on a technical subject. Many members are interested in these too! Watch for our Seedling emails for dates/time.

For Program Chairs

There is a check list for transitioning from one person to another on Ike·Wiki>Job Descriptions

Click here for a seven page document full of ideas for programs and workshops.

Japan has 72 seasons all tied to nature.  Click here for what is celebrated and give these “seasons” a try.

Whether it is pay per view or free there are plenty of program ideas here.  Perfect for that extra meeting to attract guests and new members. Click here.

Give one of these four unique installation ceremonies a try. Click any of the titles below.

Using plants
Using colors
Using flower petals
Creating an arrangement

Sample Contract for program providers. Go to Ike·Wiki> Index of Documents for Download>find the letter “S”>Sample Demonstrator Letter of Agreement 

Free promotion of your special event on the I.I. NCAR Facebook page. Contact your Advocate.

Free Zoom account for programs and meetings. Contact your Advocate.

For Membership Chairs

We are sharing what chapters have told us they have in their “Welcome Bag”.  Click here.

Need a form for chapter members?  Go to Ike·Wiki> Index of Documents for Download>Forms>


This presentation provides lots of ideas for recruiting and retaining members.  

There are other ideas on our Growing Membership page.

For Treasurers

Look in Ike·Wiki >Chapter Finances and Managing Chapter Organization.

Check out our presentation on “Best Ways to Pay Chapter Dues” on our Tech Tips page.

Need a form for chapter members to use to request reimbursement?  Go to Ike·Wiki> Index of Documents for Download>Forms>Treasurer.

Chapter are often asked to provide insurance. Many chapters have used this company.

For Secretaries

Meeting Minute Tools can be found on Ike·Wiki>Index of Documents for Download>M>Minutes

Need a Chapter Activity, Elected Director Form?  Go to Ike·Wiki> Index of Documents for Download>Forms.

Need a template to create a chapter brochure?  We have a template on Ike·Wiki>Index of Documents for Download>Brochures>

All the logos you might need for newsletters, flyers, brochures can be found here.

For Nominating Chairs

On Ike·Wiki>Job Description>Nominating Committee
Also see Chapter Timeline.

There are lots of ideas here to help you encourage people to serve.

On Ike·Wiki>Job Description> Robert’s Rules Resources 

For Exhibit Chairs

This section is extensive but just reading it helps you think of everything. Ike·Wiki>Demonstrations and Work Plan

Here is a sample contract should you need one for working with an exhibit venue.

Try this Intent to Exhibit Form.  It even has a option to require to work the exhibit if you want to enter an arrangement!

For Historians & Ways and Means

We have ideas for historians from how to take good photos to how to organize them on our Tech Tips page>Digital Photo Storage

Lots of ideas from historians and secretaries are in this video. See Tech Tips>Chapter Historian and Secretaries Forum

For Ways and Means

We are constantly updating this list of suppliers.  If you have one to add, let your NCAR Advocate know about it.

Can't Find What You Need

Need help?  Contact your NCAR Advocate.  If he/she can’t help you, another advocate on the Committee can!