Special Note:  The Regional Advocate Committee has investigated providing General Liability,  Director & Officer and Property Insurance options for NCAR chapters to utilize.

  • We have arranged for a direct contact at a recommended company, R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. (RVNA)
  • Further, we have a member’s spouse who is willing to help with questions.
  • Click on this document to read more about insurance and how to directly contact and speak with someone at RVNA or a members’ spouse who is an insurance expert. (Items #3 and #6 provide the contact information)

Many chapters have been asked to provide a variety of insurance coverages such as:

  • General Liability coverage for where you hold your meetings and/or exhibits,
  • Property insurance for storage of exhibit items and ginza inventories
  • Insurance for your Board of Directors, also known as D&O insurance.
  • Crime prevention

Regarding D&O insurance, many people carry personal umbrella insurance that supplements auto and homeowners insurance. Most umbrella policies provide additional coverage for the activties of an insured person (which includes spouses) as an officer or director of an organization NOT formed for profit. If you have an umbrella policy, review the coverage to confirm that you are covered for non profit activity. 

RVNA is considered a leader in insurance for non-profit organizations and arranges insurance only with highly rated insurance companies. They also issue Certificates of Insurance (COI) as needed for Chapter events.

R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. (RVNA)

  • Can be reached at 1-800 364-2433; just ask for Ami Kim to address your questions or email her at
  • Or you can do everything you need online at

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Disclaimer – NCAR is providing this general insurance information to Chapters as a courtesy, and it is not intended to be insurance advice or a guarantee that a Chapter can obtain the best insurance available. Individual Chapters must arrange their own coverages either through a local insurance source or a specialty source such as RV Nuccio & Associates, Inc.  The NCAR Regional Advocates Committee members and Scotty Wood disclaim any liability alleged to arise from this courtesy notice.

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