Recommendations for keeping your chapter passwords organized

Use this file to keep everything in one place

Why keep a password file?

  • All important passwords are in one place
  • Easy to transfer to new board members or others as responsibilities change
  • Important for security, especially your financial accounts
  • More than one person should have access to all passwords
    • Members leave the chapter or their “jobs”
    • Members get ill and can’t fulfill their “jobs”
  • Several chapters have lost access to their websites, Facebook accounts and chapter email accounts because the passwords were lost when members changed areas of responsibility or moved.

Thoughts on usernames and passwords

  • It is recommended usernames and passwords not be unique to a specific member but unique to your chapter identity
    • Using terms in combination with your chapter city and chapter # in addition to the word ikebana work best such as:
    • Ikebana#535
    • Tallahassee#535
    • IkebanaTallahassee#535
    • IITallahassee#535
  • We all know not to use the same password for everything!
  • When at all possible, have your chapter email be the contact email address for all accounts.
  • Avoid 2-step verification. This step ties an account to an individual chapter members’ cell phone. This is a problem when the member leaves the chapter or the job or no longer has that cell phone!
    • If 2 step verification is required, try to have it tied to the chapter email address instead of a phone number

Recommended distribution of Password Chart

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Asst. Treasurer
  • Facebook administrator (you should have two admins)
  • Webmaster and a back up
  • Opener of all email addressed to Chapter email address and one other person

Here is the file!

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