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The work of the NCAR Sensei Network Committee could not have been done without these hardworking committee members. A big thank you to each of them!

Carolyn Alter, Nana Bellerud – Portland
Stephen Eberhagen, Ellen Weston – Miami, Barbara Goss, Jeanne Houlton – St. Petersburg, Nancy Griggs – Dallas, Lynne Hamilton – Dayton, Marjorie Bauman, Libby Haynes, Patty Lemmerman- D.C. , Marilyn Hoskins- Omaha, Marina Khudobina – San Diego, Susan Cano, Sibbie Wilson – Asheville, Lin Ko – Columbia, Cheryl Linck – Detroit, E-Ling Lou – Chicago, Margy Metzler – Naples, Sima Sariaslani – Philadelphia, Margaret Taylor – Toronto, Laurie Wareham – Milwaukee