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Run a Chapter

Chapter Essentials

New! The One Resource For Every Board Member


It's here! This is a great resource for everyone, especially Board and Committee members.

Ideas To Recruit and Retain Members


Thoughts on where to hold meetings


Some great suggestions for Workshops too

Videos for Programming

2022 Videos and Japanese culture videos suitable for Zoom

Welcome Bag

Ideas and Resources

Communicating With Headquarters


Forms for
Chapter business

Paying Dues

Recommendation on how
to pay dues to HQ

Activity Reports

Instructions on submitting activity reports

I. I. Contacts

Contacts and email addresses for I. I. Headquarters

Other Board Member Essentials


Logos for your Chapter
social media, etc.

Encouraging Volunteers & Fund Raising

Enticing members to raise their hand as well as ideas for raising money for chapter activities


Find an agency and get your questions answered

List of Suppliers

Contact Stephanie English to be added to the list

Sensei and Demonstrators

All Sensei

All NCAR Sensei are listed here by chapter and school

Virtual Sensei

Sensei listed here
provide lessons virtually.


Review Sensei profiles, find links to
websites and email addresses


Election Results

Submit a form to NCAR and I.I. HQ yearly, even if there is no change in your board

Chapter Password

A document to record passwords to important chapter accounts, including Facebook, website, banking etc.

Chapter Activity

The form to submit activity reports to I. I. HQ in Word format

Future Events

I.I. HQ has added a new page to their website entitled 'Future Events.' Submit your chapter or ikebana school event (anniversary celebrations, exhibits and other special workshops or demonstrations via email to [email protected]