We call our email blasts Seedlings. We hope the information they provide will grow your membership

Missing a copy of Seedlings – the list below provides links to all that have been emailed to NCAR Ikebana chapters.

Many of our 2020 Seedlings have been moved to a 2020 Seedlings Archive page as the information may no longer be current. Most outdated information has been updated on this website through the Directory of Resources Page. Click here to be referred to the 2020 Seedlings Archives page.

2021 Seedlings

Date Issued in 2021Subject and Link
Oct. 14Tips for Zoom meetings
Oct. 10October Newsletter
Oct. 5Friendship through Flowers - A Legacy Presentation - Oct. 9 Link and info
September 20All Member Meeting
September 13Digital Support Meeting
September 9Ideas for when you can't meet in person
September 6September Newsletter
August 12August 2021 Newsletter
August 9How Sensei Network helps your chapter
July 20July Newsletter
June 22June NCAR Seedlings Newsletter
June 12NCAR Sensei Network Directory
May 31Blooms on Zoom
May 24May 2021 Newsletter
May 14Save money paying your dues
May 3New Elected Directors Form
April 22NCAR Sensei Network Announcement
April 14Website for NO Cost
April 6One good turn deserves another
Mar. 22List of Ikebana Suppliers
Mar. 16Program Ideas
Mar.2Official Membership Categories
Feb. 22Conducting Nominations and Elections
Feb. 18Beware - Chapter was hacked on Zoom meeting
Feb. 15Feedback to I.I. on Publications
Feb. 10Sharing Friendship Through Flowers
Jan. 25Facebook Standards and ideas for NCAR chapters
Jan. 21NCAR Website Revamped

2020 Seedlings - other issues may be found on the 2020 Seedlings Archives Page

Date Issued in 2020Subject and Link
Nov. 24Correct Sakura Link
Nov. 14Zoom Meeting Links
Oct. 6Workshops to go with Videos Part II
Oct. 6Workshops to go with Videos - Part I
Sept. 22Yes You Can - what you can do with video showings
Sept. 17Promotional Tools for Video showings
Sept. 16Zoom Solutions
Sept. 15Good News
Sept. 8Paying Chapter Dues to HQ
Aug. 30Facebook Friendships through Flowers
Aug. 12Increasing membership with Videos
June 15Increasing Membership with Videos
June 15Advocate Progress Report
June 1Password Protocols
Mar. 29Ideas on Collecting Dues
Mar. 15Ideas on Outreach

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