Encouraging Chapter Members to Volunteer
Raising Funds for Chapter Activities

Engaging Members to help with chapter activities

The Sarasota chapter asked for a "form" outlining jobs for all chapter members. This might be something to add to your membership renewal form! Click on the "NEW" image on the left, download the Word document first, and then you can customize it for your chapters' needs.

Exceptional Fundraising Ideas

The Portland chapter asked for ideas on fundraising. The NCAR Advocates called upon their personal ikebana experience as well as their area chapters and created this list. Let your Advocate know if you have ideas to add. If your chapter happen to try any of these ideas, please share what you learned with your advocate. Click on the image on the left, download the document and edit it for your chapters' needs

Enticing Volunteers to help with chapter activities

Getting chapter members to "raise their hand" and help with chapter activities is often a grueling task. Nevertheless, the NCAR chapters are very resourceful and creative. Please give any of these ideas listed below a try and let your NCAR Advocate know if they worked or what additional angles you tried!