About Us

  • Established in 1992 to promote communications between all regional chapters and I.I. Headquarters
  • One of 7 regions within Ikebana International
  • Six NCAR Advocates moderate regular meetings with their chapter representatives to share best practices
  • The NCAR region has the largest number of I. I. members in the world.
  • This 1 minute 30 second video tell you all about us?

Our Mission

Expand the art of ikebana through

communication and action

NCAR Values


Help chapters with website development, social media, and other digital issues.

Develop a manual to help new and returning members effectively run a chapter.

Retain and recruit  new members through dynamic programming in affordable venues.

Assist small chapters by providing assistance and access to resources

Identify ways in which NCAR can help students find sensei and sensei find students.

Secure funding for and help with development of new videos

Key Initiatives

Established 6 committees to include  members from several chapters to further the work on NCAR objectives.

Magdalena Tamura-Reid

Advocate At Large Midwest & Canada

Elizabeth Biddle-2.jpg


East Advocate

Susan Cano


South & Americas Advocate

Stephanie English


Communication Advocate

In Memoriam

Patricia O'Reilly

West Advocate


General Questions

The NCAR Advocate Committee has no budget or monies available to them. However, they have been fortunate to receive grants from the Ikebana Iwaya Fund. Designated donations to the Iwaya Fund for the NCAR Advocates may be made to defray their costs.

Yes! The Advocate Committee should consist of members from large, medium and small chapters as well as different schools of Ikebana.

  • Made personal contact with all NCAR chapters
    • Conducts Area meetings with chapter leadership
  • Issued monthly “Seedlings” emails with ideas to help chapters engage and recruit members
  • Furnished a paid Zoom account for all chapters courtesy of the Iwaya Fund.
  • Conducted Zoom meetings with all regions covering topics from dues collection to elections to operating during a pandemic.
  • Encouraged and promoted a variety of virtual exhibits by chapters and schools of Ikebana.
  • Produced multiple videos featuring all four major schools of ikebana as well as cultural videos.  
  • Helped multiple chapters establish a  Facebook page or website for free.
  • Improved chapter email openings and helped chapters gain access to their emails.
  • Produced a password protocol document and chart for chapter use.
  • Recommended several ways for chapters to improve member engagement and member recruitment.
  • Recommended several ways to partner with other organizations to extend membership opportunities.
  • Developed six initiatives in 2021 which are on-going into 2023.
  • Created a chapter reference manual entitled Ike·Wiki.
  • Developed 20+ virtual sensei webpages; trained sensei on how to update and maintain these sites – again at no cost.
  • Conducted multiple All Member meetings
  • Held monthly showings of 10 videos via Blooms on Zoom program.
  • Educated members on I.I., NCAR history as well as details on current membership issues.

Type of I.I.EventIkebana North America Facebook pageEmail blast to all chapters
• Exhibits
• Anniversaries
• Special Events such as School Iemoto, Head, Lead Teacher
Posted as an event, in date order with earliest listed first. Links included as appropriate. May be included in monthly newsletter on space available basis.
• Special Events (Luncheons-Demos-Workshops)
• Demonstration by Out of Town Ikebana arrangers
Posted in date order with earliest listed first only when events include out of town demonstrator.
May be included in monthly newsletter on space available basis.
• Unique programs (flower or cultural oriented)Posted on space available basisMay be included in monthly newsletter on space available basis.
• Special Ikebana School ProgramsPosted only when involves Iemoto or headmaster or is associated with worldwide I.I. conference Distributed only when involves Iemoto or headmaster or is associated with Worldwide I.I. Convention

Advocate Elections and Voting

The next Regional Advocate Committee will be elected at the 19th North & Central American Regional Conference to be held in Philadelphia, hosted by Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter #71 from Oct. 13-17, 2024.  Ichiyo Iemoto Nahiro Kasuya will be the featured demonstrator.

  • Past or current board or major committee member of NCAR, I.I. chapter, or ikebana school chapter or study group
  • Active in I.I. NCAR chapter for a minimum of 2+ years
  • Comfortable with email communications and views emails daily
  • Willing to learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Drive
  • Comfortable with using Zoom, especially screen sharing
  • Has been active with one school of Ikebana in the past
  • Can devote sufficient time to address NCAR issues working with assigned regional chapters as well as NCAR Advocate committee members
  • A member of a chapter in their assigned NCAR area (e.g. East, West, Midwest, South, North or At-Large)
  • Committed to achieve NCAR Advocate Committee Goals
  • Willing to travel to their respective assigned chapters with minimal, if any, compensation
  • Has creative ideas for how to help NCAR Regional Advocate Committee achieve its goals
  • Those wishing to be on the Regional Advocate Committee for a term of service from 2024-2028 must submit an application of interest indicating their qualifications, interest to serve and represent their current chapters’ region.
  • It is planned that the Regional Advocate Committee will have staggered terms. At this point in time we do not know how many openings will be available for the 2024-2028 term. Information will be announced at least (6) months prior to the 19th NCARC conference in Philadelphia.
  • Application and deadlines will be determined at least six (6) months prior to the NCAR 19th Conference in Philadelphia and all NCAR chapters will be notified.
  • Applications will be reviewed to ensure candidates meet all qualifications and have a desire to serve by the current Regional Advocate Committee.
  • In addition to staggered terms, the Committee also will aim for diversity in chapter size (large, medium and small chapters) as well as representation from different schools of Ikebana.  
  • A slate will be prepared and presented by the current Regional Advocate Committee at the delegates Business Meeting at the 19th NCARC.
  • Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at the Business Meeting for candidates that meet the qualifications and consent to serve.   
  • Some regions may only have one qualified candidate interested in serving. Other regions may have more than one qualified candidate from which to choose.

Delegates at the 19th NCARC Business Meeting will vote for the slate of delegates.  If there are more delegates choosing to serve than positions available, those receiving the most votes will be elected.  

The Candidate receiving a majority of the votes from their area will be elected to serve.

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