Workshops to go with the Videos

Here are some ideas on workshops to further engage your members and enhance your video subscriptions.

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Video Demonstrator or SubjectWorkshop Idea
Senko Ikenobo
Ikenobo School
Ask your members to make a Shoka Shimputai using no more than three
materials. You don’t have to follow the rules of a Shoka, just try any style using only three materials, a star (Shu), co-star (Yo) and the rest of the cast. (Ashirai).
Elaine Jo - Ichiyo SchoolElaine’s theme is creating for the home. Have your members create an
arrangement for their home. Encourage them to submit photos of their composition in the home setting.
José Salcedo - Ohara SchoolJosé makes a wonderful “beginners” arrangement in his video, suitable for any school. The purpose of the arrangement is to create a subject and object and to “guide the viewers’ eye” through the arrangement. Invite members to use this
technique to welcome others into their vision
Soho Sakai - Sogetsu SchoolIn her demonstration, Soho, uses many fascinating inorganic or non-floral materials. Challenge members to make an arrangement using flowers and non-floral material.
Valerie Eccleston - Ichiyo SchoolEncourage a workshop on using baskets. A container so many of us have, yet seldom use.
Stephanie English - Ikenobo SchoolRegardless of Ikebana school, members could try a Free Style design using a container with two openings or a mini-freestyle. Remember, the mini must fit inside an 8.5”x 11” piece of paper folded in half and positioned either horizontally or vertically!
Satsuki Palter - Ohara SchoolChallenge members to make a Morimono arrangement. This arrangement could become a table centerpiece!
Susan Cano - Sogetsu SchoolInspire members to make an arrangement in one container and then see how it looks in another one of a different color.
Laura Felt - Endless Possibilities of WashiThis is perfect for a workshop. We even have a materials list and step-by-step instructions for the napkin ring, tissue box and ornaments here.
Paul McLardy - 100 years of the KimonoIf your members have a kimono, ask them to model it and send a picture!

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