What’s New

Below are some of the newer items we have either posted or included in a recent “Seedlings” email blast

Donna West, Sogetsu Teacher, Ist grade Jonin Somu and member of the San Diego chapter created this lovely free style arrangement. Her materials include Liquid Amber leaf branches, Ring of Fire Sunflowers, Purple Cabbage Rose, Penny Cress, green Poke Weed berries, Pompon Mums, Sorghum, and Eucalyptus berries. She was inspired by the magnificent red colored Liquid Amber leaves expressing the changing autumn season.

What is NCAR?

Here are two documents that explain NCAR and the Advocate committee. Feel free to share these with your members, link them to your website, or insert them into your newsletters.
Short version
Slightly longer

We have a two new short (less than 6 minute videos). One describing many of the resources created by the Growing Membership committee. Click here to view it!

This NCAR Video short is all about our Sensei Network.

Please enjoy this exhibit by the talented members of the Portland Chapter.
Please share your exhibition photos with us!

Left – Sogetsu arrangement by Nana Bellerud

Here is another lovely virtual exhibit by the Portland Sogetsu chapter.

This arrangement is by Don Davidson.