Submitting your Dues

Please check out this page for analysis on the best method for paying dues.

Where to send Membership Dues

All payments should be made to Ikebana International in Japanese yen plus a bank charge of JPY 4000

  1. Money transfer: Mizuho Bank LTD – Bank Charge of JPY 4000 (do not do this if sending yen via
    • Bank: MIZUHO BANK LTD, Kudan Branch
    • 2-4 Kanda Jimho-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051, JAPAN-Branch Number:532
    • Send to email of
    • Account Type is Futsuu
    • Account number: 0719019
    • Swift Code MHCBJPJT
  2. Credit Card: Through PayPal on I.I. Website with PayPal handling fee of 5%. Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. Pay Pal Account Transfer: Note additional Credit card foreign transaction fees may apply.

The address to input to for I.I HQ is as follows
Address: Mitsaki Bldg
City: Tokyo
Postal Code: 101-0052
Prefecture: Tokyo

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