Resources for Students

The relationship between sensei and student is important!

Choose a school you want to study by reviewing the table below and this page.

To find a sensei – review this information about what a sensei rank means. Here is the same information in PDF form.

Find a sensei in your chapter. If your chapter doesn’t have a sensei in the school of your choice try the virtual sensei directory!

All Active NCAR Sensei Directory (PDF Version)

NCAR Virtual Sensei Directory (PDF Version)

Learn more about the Sensei Network by watching this short video

  • Be sure to review the Sensei Profiles provided by many sensei on the directories.
  • Consider scheduling a “meet & greet’ with a sensei. Some even offer a free lesson or the opportunity to observe a lesson.
The table below lists all the school for which there are sensei within NCAR chapters
School of IkebanaArrangement Photos and information on this websiteOfficial school website
Banmi Shofutai RyuNABanmi Shofu Ryu of Ikebana
ChikoNAChiko School from I.I. HQ website
IchiyoFocus on IchiyoIchiyo Art
IkenoboFocus on IkenoboIkenobo Origin of Ikebana
Kado EnshuKado Enshu
Kado Sensho IkenoboNAAbout Kado Sensho
Keika-KazanNAKeika-Kazan School
OharaFocus on OharaOhara School of Ikebana
Ryusei HaNARyusei Ha from I.I. HQ website
Saga GoryuNASaga Goryu on I.I. HQ website
SangetsuNASangetsu School
SogetsuFocus on SogetsuSogetsu
WafuNAWafu School