Promoting Your Chapter

There are lots of way to promote your chapter with the goal of getting more members or more attendees to your events!

Opportunities for outreach and promoting your chapter

Milwaukee Chapter #22 reaches out to floral industry

Laurie Wareham, Milwaukee Chapter #22 President opted to reach out to the Floral Design Industry in the Wisconsin/Michigan area

  • In 2019 the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florists Association held their 100th Annual Convention in Green Bay WI. Through Laurie’s efforts to promote Ikebana to the floral design industry, she was invited to the exhibition where she exhibited 14 arrangements.
  • This May the same organization submitted her article to the Floral Industry Trade Magazine and it was published!
  • It takes time, but her persistence paid off!

Does your chapter have something to share on how you promote your chapter? Tell your Regional Advocate what you’ve done and what results you have received. We would love to share your ideas on this website and our Facebook page.

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