NCAR Accomplishments

Since the Regional Advocate Committee was formed in late October 2019, the Advocates have:

  • Made personal contact with all 68 chapters
  • Requested and was granted a three month extension of the Ikebana International dues payment deadline to September 30, 2020.  
  • Issued two “Seedlings” emails with ideas and suggested sample emails to help chapters conduct their nomination and election process via email and or Zoom meetings
  • Anticipated the need for chapters to meet, albeit not in person, and furnished a paid Zoom account for all chapters courtesy of the Iwaya Fund.
  • Conducted Zoom meetings with all regions covering topics from dues collection to elections to operating during a pandemic.
    • At the request of the chapters, these have become mostly meetings for each region to discuss common problems, ideas and solutions.
  • Encouraged and promoted a variety of virtual exhibits by chapters and schools of Ikebana.
  • Produced 10 videos (8 ikebana demonstration and 2 cultural) for chapters to use as programming when they could not otherwise meet in person. This initiative was utilized by 56 of the 65 chapters in NCAR.
  • Helped 11 chapters with no online presence to establish a chapter Facebook page. Additionally four other chapters established Facebook pages and two others significantly updated their pages.
  • Improved chapter email openings and helped chapters gain access to their emails.
  • Produced a password protocol document and chart for chapter use.
  • Provided two excellent contact/resources for chapters to contact for insurance information.
  • Recommended several ways for chapters to improve member engagement.
    • Instead of cancelling a meeting – hold a Zoom meeting.
    • Introduce new board and committee members via an interesting email twist.
    • Encouraged and promoted several virtual exhibits .
  • Recommended several ways to partner with other organizations to extend membership opportunities