Sustaining Small Chapters

If you are a chapter of 30 or fewer members, this committee is devoted to your issues

Sustaining Small Chapters

Goal:  This committee has one mission which is to ensure that those chapters with 30 or less members have the opportunity to continue to be a part of Ikebana.  

They are the unsung heroes of our organization, because they maintain.  It might sound simple but it is harder than you think.  They are limited with – teachers, students, commitment, energy, health, and at times a way to the meeting.  Their love for Ikebana instills in them courage to persevere, tell and teach.  They hold on because the Art of Ikebana is important to them.  

We know the chapters and their members are made of tough stuff and their roots are deep and strong.  It is these roots that will help them put out new shoots and grow in a different way ensuring ikebana will grow. 

During our first meeting, we looked at what we wished and then at what would we change.  The list looked the same in some cases.  Now, we are venturing out of our comfort zone to see what will make a difference.  Is it less board members, more outreach, fresh publicity or partnering with other small chapters?  

If you are a member of one of the small chapters, we need your help, your ideas and your investment to help us grow ikebana.

Join us and let’s discover together what our roots will provide for the future.  

For more information on this committee, contact Elizabeth Biddle at