Growing Membership

Reaching Inward and Outward

Reach Inward To Retain New Members

Priority # 1 is to retain current members

It is much easier to retain a member than recruit a new one!

  • Offer at least one new program per year
  • Cultural programs are interesting too.
  • Rotate workshops with demonstrations.
  • Establish a program exchange with neighboring chapters.
  • Check out these seven pages of dynamic program ideas
  • Determine which programs were preferred and why.
  • Ask what topics might be of interest.
  • Ask about preferred meeting days and times.
  • Use the record to determine who isn’t attending and what prevents them from attending? What could be changed to encourage them to attend?
  • Everyone can participate even if it is in a small way. Encourage serving on committees, big or small.
  • Encourage lesson taking.
  • Uninvolved members are less likely to stay members
  • Assist a program provider
  • Take and tally a survey
  • Bring an arrangement
  • Take pictures
  • Proof chapter emails
  • Check in attendees to meetings
  • Collect money for a workshop
  • All members have a buddy
  • Free raffle tickets for working on a committee
  • 10% of one ginza item
  • First pick at member ginza/white elephant sale
  • % off workshops or luncheons
  • Payment of sensei fee for one lesson
  • Record and report on surveys
  • Follow with non-participating members
  • Follow up with guests

Reach Outward To Recruit New Members

New members ensure we survive!

Without new members, age and health issues will cause attrition.

  • The #1 way to attract new members is through current emembers inviting a friend to a meeting.
  • Be sure there is a way for quests to participate in working by having a box with containers and supplies for ‘just-in-case needs.’
  • Assign a member to manage the ‘just-in-case’ box.
  • Offer reduced or no fee for guests to participate in workshops.
  • Have someone other than the guest’s friend reach out to the guest to encourage joining or get feedback on their experience.
  • Invite them to observe a lesson
  • Invite them to another meeting.
  • Assign the new member a mentor.
  • Introduce them to the membership at a meeting and provide a interesting fact or two about them.
  • Have a new member tea (everyone from last 2 years).

Reach Outward To The Greater Area

Community Organizations Make great partners!

People with similar interests are likely to be found within other community organizations.

  • Reach out to
    • Women’s groups
    • Newcomer groups
    • Art organizations
  • Invite their organizations to speak at your meeting to reciprocate for an opportunity to speak at their organization.
  • Invite their leadership as guests.
  • Place arrangements at different venues and provide a QR code next to the arrangement for information (Advocates can help with this and it saves money on flyers, etc.)
    • Libraries
    • Banks
    • Florists
    • Beauty Shops
    • Bridge clubs
  • Make a QR code
  • Have demo’s
  • Involve kids, but be sure to engage parents
  • Create short video (your Advocate can help)
  • Have inexpensive kenzans and containers and recruit while selling these.

Iwaya Fund Grants

The Iwaya Fund is available to all chapters to provide financial grants to those chapters wishing to offer outreach programs or promote the art of Ikebana within their chapter or the respective Ikebana schools. This is a valuable financial resource to many chapters and you are encouraged to check it out.