Growing Membership

The work of the Growing Membership Committee could not have been done without these hardworking committee members. A big thank you to each of them!
Susan Cano – Advocate
Ellen Kelley – Harrisburg
Shelly Galloway – Chicago
Gail Hensley – Sacramento
Mary Melvin – Traverse City
Donna Scott – Atlanta
Magdalena Tamura-Reid – Advocate

The Growing Membership Committee has created a large number of helpful lists and resources for all chapters. Take a look! Really great ideas!

Three encore video showing this summer – all brought to you by the NCAR Advocates. Click on the image on the right for details

Think beyond churches and check out this great list of places to meet at little to no cost!
Click on the image on the left for details.

Looking for how to make your programs more “Dynamic ” – just click on the image for a fabulous list of new ideas to explore.

Think about an extra video meeting this summer to keep your members engaged. Try inviting other clubs and friends to join in the fun. Click on the image on the left for a great list sorted by category.

Click on the image on the right for other cultural programs you can present in a chapter meeting.

If you want it all in one complete document – just click on the file on the left and it is all there in one document for you!