Facebook – Getting Started

It is important for chapter development and growth to have some type of online presence. A Facebook Business or Community Organization page offers free access to unlimited potential to introduce new people to this wonderful art form.

If this is your first attempt to establish a chapter Facebook page, please contact your Regional Advocate who can guide you through the process or put you in touch with someone who can!

If you already have a Facebook page – try this page for ideas on what and how to post.

Why Create a Facebook Page

  • Information on your events, chapter meetings, activities etc. will be seen by a much wider audience in your area as well as globally.
  • Free publicity
  • Access to younger and wider audiences
  • Ability to “Sell” your services:  classes, programs, demonstrations and arrangements for events
  • Educate viewers on the art of ikebana and its various schools

Your Chapter Facebook page should include:

  • An identifiable and searchable name that includes
    • Ikebana International, your chapter city name, and your chapter # (optional).
    • Examples are: Ikebana International Mobile, or Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter 4.
    • The words Ikebana and International are key for search engines to find your page as well as the search feature within Facebook
  • The Cherry Blossom logo in the circle photo area of the page.
    • This identifies you as an official chapter of Ikebana and differentiates you from other Ikebana groups that are not chapters and schools of ikebana
  • Your Chapter email address as your main contact
    • Facebook is an excellent new member recruitment tool and prospects will want to contact you for more information
    • For security reasons, do not include any names, personal phone numbers or email addresses
    • When setting up your new page, you will want access to the chapter email for codes and verification purposes
  • A link to the ikebanancar.org website or your own chapter website
    • Remember to add a Facebook link on your chapter website too!

Recommended Security Measures for your Facebook page

  • Tie your Facebook page to your chapter email account
    • Easily transferred when people change responsibilities or leave the chapter
  • Use a password unique to the chapter not to the creator of the page
    • Make a note of the password in the Chapter Password file
  • Do not use 2 step verification tied back to a mobile phone
    • You never know where the person and the phone will be several years from now!
  • Assign two people with privileges to post
    • If you allow anyone to post, you will get posts that are not ikebana related which are not conducive to your members or attracting new ones
    • Have two admins for your page
      • If one leaves, you have a back up
  • When identifying the arranger on a photo, we suggest a first name and last initial for security and privacy.

Getting Organized to start your Facebook page

  • You will need to have or create a personal Facebook page before you can create a business Facebook page for your chapter.
    • Don’t worry if you don’t have a personal Facebook page. You can even set up a “fake” personal page just to establish a Chapter page. They are easy to create and you don’t have to keep them current. You just have to keep the Chapter Facebook page current.
  • Keep the page “public” not “private”
    • This is a membership recruitment tool and needs to be public.
  • When creating your Chapter Facebook page, be sure you create a Business or Community Organization page, not another personal page. Business or Community Organization pages give you greater flexibility to promote and “sell” what your chapter does.
  • You will be asked to use an email address and password for your Chapter Facebook page.
    • It is important that you use the chapter email address for this page as well as password that is easily transferred to the next person who will be maintaining the chapter Facebook page.
  • You can always add or revise the page; it doesn’t have to have everything on day one!
  • Publicize your page to all your chapter members and ask them to like and share it. Let your Regional Advocate know about your new page and our NCAR Communications Chair, so it can be promoted and publicized to all NCAR chapters!

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