Chapter Reference Manual

This committee consists of the following chapter members who are working diligently to provide this important resource for all NCAR Ikebana Chapters. List TBA. Should you have any documents or ideas to share, feel free to email the committee chair, Patricia O’Reilly.

Reference Manual Title:
Best Practices for Organizing and Operating I.I. Chapters 

The NCAR Chapter Reference Manual Committee will provide resources for Ikebana International chapters to operate in an efficient and effective manner. 


  • promote the sharing of proven administrative tools.  
  • locate, catalog and convey chapter organizing elements and materials.  
  • make these materials readily available online.  
  • consider that chapters vary widely in size and appreciate that chapters are run by volunteers.   
  • promote exchanges among chapters. 


  • provide templates of key documents. 
  • include suggestions for tracking sensitive information. 
  • provide suggestions for tracking policy and procedure decisions made over time. 
  • include other materials to assist in day-to-day management. 
  • encourage participation in chapter leadership and successful leadership transitions.