Best Ways to Pay Dues

We examined several payment options for paying membership dues based on the number of members.

In spring of 2021, TransferWise changed their name to Wise. Same log in credentials will apply for those with accounts from

Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation on how/why to use to pay dues for memberships greater than one person!

Pay Pal vs Wire transfer vs Credit Card payment of Chapter dues to HQ

We examined various payment options based on the number of members. The options explored are:

  • PayPal (which charges a 5% fee on all payments) is a reasonable option for paying dues only one member. Payment for more than one member is more economical via
  • Paying by credit card using PayPal – Be sure to check what your credit card charges as a foreign transaction fee. The calculations assumed 3%. Some credit cards have no transaction fee. Nevertheless, beyond paying for a single member, your best option is
  • Using (formerly TransferWise)- this appears to be the most economical option for chapters regardless of the size of your membership! If you need help with this option, feel free to contact Stephanie English, Communications Chair. Many chapters used this company to pay 2020 dues successfully.
    • You no longer need to add 4,000 yen to your payment using as there are no bank transfer fees for I.I. to pay in Japan. If you send them 60,000 yen, that is the precise amount they will receive.
    • Fees on are much less than any option above payment for one member
  • A wire transfer from your chapter’s local bank needs to include the additional 4,000 yen or about $50. NCAR does not recommend a direct payment from your bank to the I.I. bank as using is more economical.

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