2021 NCAR Initiatives

The NCAR Regional Advocates are working on six initiatives for 2021. Members from chapters throughout the NCAR are serving on the committees and sub-committees, greatly contributing to the final results of each committee.

Currently, only five of the six committees, (Digital Presence, Sensei Network, Sustaining Small Chapters, and Growing Membership and Chapter Reference Manual) have additional information on this website. All are a work in progress. Contact any Regional Advocate for more information.

The Digital Presence Committee Goals

Magdalena Tamura-Reid
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  1. To expand digital presence of all NCAR chapters 
  2. To provide no or low cost websites options to all NCAR chapters
  3. To provide digital support to all NCAR chapters

Chapter Reference Manual

A manual of resources for board members

Patricia O’Reilly – Chair

Growing Membership Goals
Assist chapters in their efforts to

  1. Provide dynamic programs (workshops, cultural programs, and videos)
  2. Offer exhibitions
  3. Retain current members and recruit new members
  4. Find affordable venues
  5. Implement new ideas to spread the knowledge and love of ikebana

Janet Knowlton – Chair
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Sustaining Small Chapter Goals

Elizabeth Biddle – Chair
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Sensei Network Goals
Stephanie English & Susan Cano – Chairs

NCAR Master Sensei Directory – Excel file of in person and virtual teachers. Looking for just virtual teachers – click here.
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  1. Expand NCAR sensei network to all chapters within NCAR through a virtual network of qualified sensei
  2. Provide opportunity to learn about other ikebana schools via qualified sensei lessons 
  3. Attract and promote new sensei

New Videos

Up to four new videos are planned for distribution in late 2021.

Ellen Kelley – Chair